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Siduri Touts Gluten-Free Wines

This is a very interesting article about one winemaker that is acting proactively but it is my understanding that wine made thorough the traditional vinification process (not with malt or sugar added like wine coolers) the perceptible gluten is much less than 20 PPM (parts per million), but it does make a Celiac like myself think harder about how a wine was aged and fined.

I also drink Gluten-Free beers, which also yields a possible PPM of gluten that is below the detectible/allowable amounts.

Here’s a good reference:

Is wine aged in stainless steel only way to be sure?

Don’t forget to check out:

Popping your cork: tips for new wine drinkers!

  • September 12, 2012 from 6:15-7:45p.m. @simplestudios in NYC
  • Must reserve your space in advance!
  • Use this discount code for 20% off!   WWKTUMBL 
  • Open to anyone! Invite anyone you think would be interested! Thanks! : )
  • FYI-gluten free crackers will be available!         
Hello my fellow wine lovers!
I am starting a new project with Skillshare in New York City talking about wine in a fun, easy and relatively educational but recreational classroom setting.
My first class is for newbies, but the plan is that if this first one goes well there will be many more to come for wine lovers of all levels. 

Have you ever felt intimidated by wine? This class will give you some easy guidelines to look like you know something about wine, even if you don’t.

We will cover topics such as:

  • Going to a party, what wine should you bring and how much should you spend?
  • How to properly (and safely) open a bottle of sparkling wine
  • How to hold a wine glass
  • Tips to pair your wine and food
And, of course, all the while we will be tasting 3 great wines in class!

After these few nips of knowledge you are destined to look like the coolest wine connoisseur in the room.

September 12, 2012 from 6:15-7:45p.m. at Simple Studios, 134 West 29th Street

So even if you know something about wine, take a chance and come to the class. Tell your friends about it, the only way I can do more classes is if you help me spread the word. Thanks!

Here’s the link:

Here’s a 20% discount code just for you: WWKTUMBL

*AND for anyone that’s gluten free, there will be GF crackers available!

Wine for All and All for Wine!

Sunday’s Wine Expo at the Javits Center in NYC was packed with many drinkers (as opposed to tasters) so I filed in quickly and efficiently, even getting in and out of there with a free bus transfer for my way back to the East Side.

There is always a lot to see and taste, one off the wine path and a lovely surprise to me was the Magners table showing off their new Pear Cider…delicious…and Gluten Free for the Celiac’s like me out there. Gonna be featuring this at a tasting soon!

Most impressive to me was the large South Africa conglomerate, tons of Chenin Blanc and Pinotage to show off as well many delicious Shiraz examples. I asked about the push of SA wines to the US and the best answer I received was, “Yeah, South Africa always is trying to get more distribution in the US.” Of course, but with the banner space and the floor space that compared to no other wine region, there’s a bigger push than in years past.

The other impressive region that was well represented was Portugal. My wine tasting experience here is more in the Port realm or in good value red blends and light, crisp, budget friendly whites like Vinho Verde. They had those, obviously, but when I asked about the more recent push or promotion, the Portugal rep said that they wanted to show off more of historical wine making and focus on the higher end, quality wines.  As deemed by the quotes on their big banner, “Fame is Fleeting. Heritage Endures.”

Very successful day, especially as a part of the Travel  and the Restaurant show, it was a happenin’ scene.

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