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Anonymous asked:

Which type of wine do you think will have immense value 200 years from now?

The short answer, I have no idea! But it’s fun to think about.

Admittedly, I am not much of a collector. I don’t have the facility or the patience for it. Wine collecting takes a lot of money and it is essentially a living thing, unlike say a painting, it can change and get past prime with time or bad storage.

If you think about wines that are from around 200 years ago, there’s not many of them. And of those, only a few people (our great great grandparents) would of had the means and storage to do such a thing. In any case, I read recently that only about 1-3% of wine produced is meant to be aged beyond 10 years.

Granted, there was an article last week about the oldest bottle of wine, over 1500 years old, and they are afraid to open it:


In a way, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? I mean, I want to drink the wine.

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