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The Great Cab Escape!

I was visiting my good friend Tracy @FloridaFrecks and she wanted to host a tasting and I wanted to be a part of one. Knowing their affinity for Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, I thought it would be fun to do a semi-blind tasting (everyone knew they were cabernets, but they were all brown bagged).

All Cabs from all over the world!

One guest brought a ringer from Napa which was the 2007 Anakota  Helena Montana 950’ but the rest (procured at their local liquor shop) were under $25 (one under $10) representing the central coast of California, Bordeaux (Graves) Washington State, Chile, Argentina and Australia.

I would’ve liked to get another old world, maybe a super Tuscan or something like that, but I think we were able to see a range of what the King of Grapes can do. It was a fun night that sparked lots of conversation and a really easy way to put together a tasting.

Thanks Tracy and Brian, hosts with the mosts!

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